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Melody - House of food and music, is a dining, drinking and entertainment destination where guests will be immersed in Melody’s ethos,  Hospitality with Soul, where every  team members’ role is to serve and entertain with love, passion and some rock n roll flair. 

Made up of five rooms  the house has - a Kitchen, Dining Room, Music Room, Bar Lounge and Garden Room - this multi-sensory venue invites guests to let their senses lead, experiencing a combination of awesome barbecued dishes, carefully-crafted drinks, and a stellar music programme.

with soul

As they move through the house, guests feel the energy and the flow of different rooms with their unique designs and curated sounds. Mood and appetite dictates the journey at Melody, dinner and late-night drinks with world class DJs and performances to afternoon cocktails with Balearic beats , and a club lounge scene during the day.


The talented, experienced front-of-house duo Giammarco Sai and Jonathan Jones bring the show to hospitality.

"Melody has been created as a home. You can expect the warmest welcome and service, a menu that you'll love to explore and most of all an exciting and lively experience that you'll want to repeat time and time again." Giammarco 

"Service and hospitality has always been part of my life, bringing people together to create wonderful lasting memories is what its all about" JJ.

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