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indulge in the art of listening. 


a house of curated music, with DJ booths in both the lounge and the music room, prepare to be immersed in the vibrant, eclectic music scene that is Melody.


From Cantopop to 1970's Cambodian jazz, Balearic, cosmic, wave and electronic with a slice of funk & soul,  all the music played throughout the day is meaningful, with substance and depth, largely avoiding the mainstream to reinforce Melody’s reputation as a true hotspot for audiophile culture

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Leading Melody's music programme is Johnny Hiller, who has been instrumental in the international club scene since the early 90s and has played legendary clubs including Fabric in London, Club Air in Tokyo and Cookies in Berlin. Johnny is driven by the desire to bring back the art of listening and so has personally overseen Melody's fully soundproof music room to create the best experience



'Our Music Room is totally unique in Asia. Decked in elegant mid-century furniture, it boasts incredible acoustics thanks to some of the world's finest speakers, while the all-vinyl collection promises to entertain with a mix of genres redefining eclectic in the best possible way.

"Whether listeners are music connoisseurs or simply curious, this unique sanctuary in Hong Kong is always inclusive with a mixology experience like nowhere else. Our in-house DJs will be joined by true global greats for residencies which will ensure that Melody is as renowned for its world-class music as it is a game-changing food, drinks and service experience."

our resident DJs 

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